The mission of Transportation 101 is to foster a community of transportation  professionals working in urban cities. These professionals will help create a series of one minute videos on urban projects, principles and challenges in an effort to collaborate and educate.


About me


Hey there! I'm Manoj.

I am the primary author and contributor to this website. I grew up in urban cities in India, walking, biking, and taking transit everywhere! It was a welcome way to explore so much more than just my immediate neighborhood. Upon obtaining a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering in India, the prospect of studying more in the field of transportation just seemed like the natural path forward! I moved to the United States to get a Masters in Transportation Engineering about 15 years back. Since then, I have worked in various consulting firms furthering my transportation knowledge, while at the same time delivering projects across the east and west coasts of America. 

Over the last four years I have been working as a public servant, and as such exposed to the growing pains of a major city in America including the concerns of its population. I have also been extremely fortunate to work with numerous hard working transportation professionals across multiple agencies and learn from them! It was the combination of these two things that led me to the development of this website. As a kid, I was always taught the value of education. This is my effort to contribute to the knowledge base for more people to understand the transportation challenges and resulting policies/projects within urban areas trying to adapt to change. 

I am hoping to build this website with a community of transportation professionals who share my love of sustainable transportation (walking, biking and transit). We will together try and produce a series of one minute videos that help you understand some of the basic principles of urban transportation (including jargon) & feature project profiles from various cities. We will also have videos on how you can help us conceptualize and build more projects that will improve the air quality, general health and safety for urban communities.